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Hi, my name is Jessica

I am a registered dietitian nutritionist licensed and based in North Carolina. I have a passion for helping others find freedom from dieting. I approach my clients with gentle care. 



Diets don't work. Diets and weight-cycling have ruined many people's lives. The diet industry would have you believe there's one perfect/righteous/healthy way to eat. That's simply not true. Healthy eating comes in the form of flexibility and satisfaction in our food choices and releasing the diet mentality.  I'd love to help you with: 

  • Food confidence

  • Freedom from dieting

  • Intuitive eating

  • Understanding and honoring your body

  • Enhance athletic performance through sports nutrition


After getting my undergraduate degree at NC State University, I earned a Masters degree in bioengineering from UC San Diego where I learned the intricacies of the human body and physiology. I went on to earn my Masters of Science in nutrition from Georgia State University before moving back to North Carolina. 

Sports Nutrition

My passion for sports nutrition came from my love of running, triathlon, rock climbing and ultimate frisbee. I grew up competing in gymnastics and I still love jumping on the trampoline with my kids. I enjoy cooking as a way of expressing my creativity. I am highly motivated by efficiency; therefore, I love finding short cuts to a great meal! 

I believe in:

A Whole Person Approach

Mind-Body Connection

Lifestyle Medicine

Mindful Eating
Health At Every Size® principles

Jessica is a Registered Dietitian

Commission on Dietetic Registration

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