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Nutrition Counseling for Food Freedom

Do you want an anti-diet, weight-inclusive approach to nutrition? Jessica is a registered dietitian who specializes in intuitive eating and sports nutrition. Start your journey to food freedom and living your best life today.


Food Freedom & Peace With Your body

It's time to ditch the diet. Diets don't work and they are harmful to us all. It's exhausting to keep fighting with food and your body. If you're ready to embark on this journey to freedom, I can help guide you. Gain peace in healing your relationship with with food and your body.

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Jessica Beardsley is a fantastic dietitian! I’ve seen Jessica for a few years and gained a more holistic approach to food and health as a result. Her methodology helps me to understand my behavior in the context of what my body is telling me. She focuses on small, realistic changes to my diet and lifestyle that have greatly improved my well-being. It is through this combined understanding of the science and its practical application that I’ve been able to achieve lasting change.


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“We define healthy eating as having a healthy balance of foods and having a healthy relationship with food.” ~Tribole & Resch

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Jessica is a Registered Dietitian

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