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Want an anti-diet, weight-neutral approach to nutrition? Jessica is a registered dietitian who specializes in intuitive eating and sports nutrition. Start your journey to food freedom and living your best life today.

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The main force behind Jessica Beardsley Nutrition is a deep desire to help you be free from dieting. With all the conflicting messages about food and diets its no wonder there's confusion and even shame around our eating. Work with Jessica to become attuned with your body and honor its needs. Are you ready to feel more energy and enjoyment from your food? Schedule a Discovery Call today!


Jessica Beardsley is a fantastic dietitian! I’ve seen Jessica for a few years and gained a more holistic approach to food and health as a result. Her methodology helps me to understand my behavior in the context of what my body is telling me. She focuses on small, realistic changes to my diet and lifestyle that have greatly improved my well-being. It is through this combined understanding of the science and its practical application that I’ve been able to achieve lasting change.


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"Every time you eat is an opportunity to nourish your body."