Learn More Techniques

Your health is a priority- but it shouldn't be hard! Let Jessica help with you with strategies and techniques for your day-to-day! Jessica offers a variety of virtual classes and meetings for everyday healthy living.

Cooking Lesson

Woman Cooking in Kitchen

The Guidance You Need

Jessica can help you in your own kitchen with a personal virtual cooking lesson! Learn techniques for chopping, seasoning and cooking while preparing a meal in real time. 

1 hour


Grocery Shopping 101

Image by Scott Warman

A Healthier You

The supermarket can be overwhelming! Bring Jessica (virtually) along with you to show you what products to look for and how to read nutrition labels to choose the best food for you! 

45 minutes


Nutrition Class

Online Tutorial

Lunch & Learns

Have Jessica come (virtually) into your office to present to your group on various nutrition topics like: healthy meal planning, metabolism, nutrition tracking, and other hot topics.

1 hour